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Live Streaming of Shabbat and Holiday Services

Neve Shalom is pleased to offer video access to our services. We have implemented a Shabbat and Holiday live stream to YouTube, which will allow logging into for services before Shabbat or the Holiday starts, and leaving the Zoom on through the morning service.  The updated link to this YouTube stream will posted on this page weekly.

Using this stream means your household can join evening services and remain logged on through the morning service. If you are leaving a device connected to Neve Shalom all day, you may wish to log in from a room in your house where activities and noise will not be a disruption to others.

There are also ways to stop a device from going to "sleep" or shutting down after a period of inactivity, these settings vary from device to device, for example, this video is for windows 10, and this video is for a mac, if you are looking for instructions for another device, we suggest you go to YouTube and search for "How to turn off sleep mode on {the device you have}".

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784