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Hebrew School

Neve Shalom’s Hebrew School teaches a fundamental understanding of our religion, people, culture, history, prayers, and holidays.

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The goals of our school are designed to offer each student the opportunity to:

  • Develop the reading and writing skills necessary for synagogue participation and understanding basic Hebrew
  • Gain a sense of spiritual and cultural kinship with Israel and the Jewish people
  • Foster the desire to participate in services, holiday celebrations and rituals at home and in the synagogue with the larger community.
  • Encourage a sense of involvement in Jewish community life through curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as opportunities to perform “acts of kindness” (G’milut Chasadim) and contribute to “righteous causes” (Tzedakah)

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Students are introduced to the concept of community, Hebrew language skills through letter recognition, classroom Hebrew vocabulary and learning about Jewish holidays, culture and Bible.

2nd Grade

Students begin phonetic decoding skills, learn many prayers and blessings, explore being Jewish and continue their enrichment of Bible and holidays.

3rd - 6th Grades

Our students learn the Shabbat evening and morning services, improve their Hebrew reading, increase their Hebrew vocabulary, gain a deeper understanding of God, Bible, Jewish holidays, trop, mitzvot and Israel. 

We make learning fun with classroom games, motivational charts and prizes, special school activities, films, crafts and art projects, an annual color- war, concerts, meals, trips and many other programs.

7th Grade

Our 7th graders build on their Jewish education with the addition of their Bar or Bat mitzvah lessons and class mitzvah activities.


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