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Live Streaming

To watch Friday Services and Saturday Morning Services via Livestream, click Here.

Information Regarding Morning Minyan

Even though our building is closed, each morning, anyone who is so inclined will be be able to participate in a service using the Zoom video and phone conferencing service. Rabbi Rosin will host this session each weekday morning at 8:00 am.  Sunday Morning services begin at 9:00am.

As we will not have a minyan, we will daven k'yachid, as if each of us is praying alone, omitting the barchu, the kaddishes (except for the mourner's kaddish) and the Torah reading, all of which require a minyan. There will be no repetition of the Amidah, but it may be recited loudly enough for other to join in.

If you want to add this to your daily calendar, click here

In order to join the Zoom video meeting for the minyan, please use the link in the Neve Now!

To access the Siddur Sim Shalom, Click Here

Information Regarding Shabbat Services

On Friday Evenings, at 6:00pm,(prior to Shabbat), Rabbi Rosin and Hazzan Levin will lead the Friday Evening Service.

On Shabbat Morning, at 9:30am, Rabbi Rosin and Hazzan Levin will lead the services.

In order to join the Friday Evening Service, please use the link found in the latest Neve Now!

If you would like to follow along, the Siddur Sim Shalom is available here.


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One Community

Every Jewish Journey is unique. Neve Shalom is here to support you on your journey. Together, we build One Community.

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View our bulletin to learn more about what's happening in our community each month!

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Vibrant Prayer

From traditional, to family, to yoga services, join us throughout the year to experience prayer the Neve way!

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Adult Education Programs

Take advantage of our award winning Adult Education Programs both at Neve and Temple Emanu-El. See the 2021-2022 Brochure here

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Community Shabbat Dinners

Join us once a Friday evening each month as we come together to share a meal, meet new friends, laugh with old friends, and experience a vibrant Shabbat service. 

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A Shot of Gratitude!! 2021 

Neve Shalom is excited to acknowledge, honor and thank all of the people in our lives who have reached out and helped us, our members and our Community get through the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

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Lifelong Learning

The sound of learning can always be heard in the halls of Neve Shalom. Forge lifelong friendships through our nursery school, hebrew school, and adult ed classes.

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Passport to Israel

Passport to Israel enables many of our teens to travel to Israel.  Support the program and join us Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 @ 7:00pm for the Susy Schwartz Concert featuring Josh Warshawsky and his band.

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Fri, January 21 2022 19 Shevat 5782