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Kadima Membership Form 2020

The Conservative Movement requires that members of Kadima be Jewish according to the traditional ritual definition of Jewish identity, either being born of a Jewish mother or having gone through a process of conversion or ritual affirmation of membership in the Jewish People. Should you wish, Rabbi Rosin would be happy to discuss your individual situation
My child is carrying their proof of vaccination and will have it available to show upon request or I have given a copy of the card to the office to keep on file. 

Dues: Please download the permission slip/emergency form and return the completed form along with  check made payable to Metuchen Kadima to the office at Neve Shalom.

Neve Shalom Member:
*If you belong to another synagogue which has a Kadima chapter, you may not join Neve Shalom’s chapter without permission from your synagogue. Please contact Neve Shalom’s Youth Chair at for more information
Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781